Dec 24, 2021 04:31 PM


Threadweaver allows you to showcase all your Twitter threads at one place.
Why Threadweaver?
In a nutshell, it helps users discover Twitter threads
There are some useful threads on Twitter crafted by amazing people like Aadit Sheth, Dickie Bush, Arunima, Harsh Makadia etc.

Consumer problem

If you want to view threads of a user, it is very cumbersome right now. The most common way is to bookmark the thread or use an app like threadunroll.

Creator problem

If you are a thread writer, how do you keep your old threads relevant? How can your followers access them?
I have seen people doing one of the following
1️⃣ Retweet threads from time to time 2️⃣ Put them in their personal website 3️⃣ Convert the thread to a blog post
Let’s look at how Threadweaver solves various problems

1. Importing threads

  • As a thread author, you can import your threads by just copying the link of the parent tweet. Tweets are automatically fetched and dumped in a markdown editor.
  • Use the markdown editor to make changes.
  • Add a title to the post and click save.
Note: Only threads written in the last 7 days can be imported automatically.

2. Topics

Once you import your threads, you have your posts ready for your audience. You can attach a topic to a post, so that users can find posts based on topics.

3. Backlink to Twitter

These posts from Threadweaver, link back to the original thread on Twitter. This allows your audience to check out the conversation on that thread on Twitter.

4. Simple analytics

Threadweaver shows you basic analytics for now. You can check the number of views on your user public page and it also has an individual view counter for each of your posts.

5. Reading experience

It also aims to provide the audience with a consistent experience. If you want to read a thread, you go to Threadweaver and read it.
If you want to look at somebody else’s content you can do it right from the app itself. User fatigue is reduced as the UI is familiar.

6. Upcoming features

I might add user & post search in future, given there is enough interest.

🧑🏻‍💻 Tech Stack

  • Next.js
  • NextAuth
  • Dynamo DB
  • TailwindCSS

🧰 Tools used