Payment testing for Threadweaver

Thanks for the offer to help me out test the payments integration I did for Threadweaver. Appreciate it a lot ☺️
Here's the coupon code: ACC7BD47
You can buy any subscription you like. Once you click on purchase, paddle (payment) modal opens up. Fill in the following.
  1. Email Address
  1. Location Details
  1. Payment
Add Coupon
notion image
After adding Coupon
You will see that the price is removed now. This indicates that the coupon was applied successfully.
Note: If you still see the price, please don’t purchase it. DM me on Twitter 👉🏼  https://twitter.com/SDinesh91
notion image
Go ahead and complete the purchase now, by either choosing Card or PayPal option. Weirdly paddle still wants you to enter these details even though the value is 0$.
notion image
If you see the above, then your payment has been placed successfully.

That’s it. You have done the purchase successfully.

Now navigate to Manage Subscription by clicking on your profile image at the top right. In this page you should be able to see your subscription details.
notion image
Let me know if you face any issues during the payments or you don’t see your subscription details in the Manage Subscription page.

Special Deal for you !

If you feel Threadweaver is something that will be useful for you, do let me know. I have a special offer just for you, as a token of appreciation and for your willingness to help me out 😇