How I built out my Idea, Streax

How I built out my Idea, Streax

May 19, 2022 03:42 PM
Published May 20, 2022

Here's how the idea was born.

There are some activities that I do or want to do consistently.
Some of them are Meditation 🧘‍♂️, Exercise 🏃‍♂️ & Getting some sun everyday. 🌞
I wanted a way to be able to create these activities and keep checking them as I complete the activity each day.
The other thing, I wanted is to see the streaks of those check ins in a Github style heat map.
I like this chart because it allows me to see how I've done in the past. Also I could probably spot some patterns in how I complete my activities.
From this I could correlate to the changes in my life.
The idea seemed promising to me. So I sat down to build it.
Before I got down the rabbit hole, I asked my Twitter friends if I should build it or continue working on @threadweaverapp
Majority of them voted for me to build this idea out. Now that I got the cue, I got down to work.

Building the MVP

This time around I decided to build the MVP using local storage, so that I wouldn't have to worry about DB initially. This also saved me some time.
So I was able to get my entire idea working in the landing page itself.

Buy a domain?

Next, I did not want to buy a domain for an idea that is not yet validated.
We all know, how we hoard on domains as soon as an idea clicks in our mind, and those domains lie dormant as the spark died out over a few days.
So I decided to set it up as a subdomain under my personal domain
You can check it out here Do create some activities and try checking in and see the heat maps come to life.


Next, the Landing Page has a waitlist.
The waitlist form is powered by NotionForms built by @JhumanJ
I was able to build this initial MVP in 4 days.

Getting initial users to try out the app

I tweeted if any one wanted to give it a try. Few people showed interest.
I DM'ed them the link to the app.


Most of them liked the Landing Page and a few especially noticed that I used local storage.
@code_rams from Twitter pointed out that there is a similar product that exists already and she uses it actively. It is I checked it out and it's almost similar to what I had in mind for my app.
This is the best thing about Twitter. If I had not shared, then I would have wasted many hours building it when something similar already exists.
I will keep the page alive, but won't be doing any changes to it. I will be using Life Of Discipline for tracking my activities.


With this little experiment, I was able to come up with a new way of creating a MVP (using local storage).
My Landing Page design got better.
And I saved a lot of time, by putting out the MVP first, before I sit down, spending months building the idea which already existed.
Personally, this is a successful experiment.
The goal of any experiment is to learn. You learn from a failed experiment as same as a successful one.
Here's a quote from Edison on those lines,